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15 May
May 15
15th May 2021

This batter is very light, crispy and easy to make, and is enjoyed by everyone, on a gluten free diet or not.  It is essential to use a sparkling water or gluten free beer that still has plenty of fizz. Pictured are the goujons I made for the grandkids.   BAKED TO TASTE  BATTER MIX FISH BATTER INGREDIENTS 4 fillets of fish (most white fish fillets are suitable for this but the more common ones would be cod, haddock and whiting. For a special treat john dory is a good choice). Fillets ca...


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12 May
May 12
12th May 2021

We used to make sticky toffee puddings at G Free so I have adapted the recipe to make cupcakes. Rather than use toffee pieces I have gone for chopped up a Snickers bar which add a lovely nutty and toffee flavour to the cakes. You could also use Mars bars or Fingers of Fudge if you do not want nuts in the recipe. The toffee topping is literally the icing on the cake, yummy!.   BAKED TO TASTESELF RAISING FLOURDATE AND TOFFEE CUPCAKES Ingredients 125g boiling water 145g chopped dates 1 level te...


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10 May
May 10
10th May 2021

  For years now I have envied my non GF family  and friends when I serve up cheese and biscuits (especially at Xmas) and wish I had my own recipe for a really crispy cheese biscuit. Well, after lots of attempts and quite a few disasters accompanied by a big helping of my  temperamental chef attitude I have finally done it. Remember to leave the biscuits in the oven until it is cold.    BAKED TO TASTE GLUTEN FREE OATS CHEESE AND OAT BISCUITS INGREDIENTS 30g of mixed seeds (I used a pr...


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28 April
Apr 28
28th April 2021

This recipe is based on a German apple cake recipe but made with our gluten free cake mix and ground almonds. You can of course use other fruit, for example pineapple, mandarins or banana. BAKED TO TASTE GLUTEN FREE CAKE FLOUR MIX APPLE AND FUDGE SPONGE PUDDING     INGREDIENTS Fudge sauce: 50g butter 50g soft brown sugar 50g double cream Mix all the above in a saucepan and melt over a medium heat. Once it has all melted bring to the boil for 3 minutes until bubbling then remove from t...